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Day Wise 200 Days UPSC Preparation to ensure your success in UPSC exam. It is prepared by Prince Luthra Sir (UPSC 577) who cracked UPSC exam in 2014. He put all his learnings and experience which he gained during his journey in to this UPSC programme.

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The Quality Material Which Can Help You In Clearing UPSC Exam.


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  • Happy Makar Sankranti Sir, When I was started reading current affairs then my score was 0 to 2 out of 10 but since last 4 months I always feel into safe zone. No one can explain as like you. I pray to God that he gives you a lot of happiness and success in whole time. For my improvement a huge thank you sic â€‹

  • Apke video se mera pt exam bahut hi accha hua hai . Apse request hai k.i apka 2 video mains ke liye daily basis par yadi hamein milta raha to certainly crack this exam.

  • Sir

     Thanku you so much aapke padhaye hue current affairs mostly uppcs m aaye the 

  • सर

    आपकी कृपा से मेरा  UPPCS का एग्जाम बहुत ही अच्छा
    रहा ।आपके पढ़ाये हुए प्रश्न लगभग पूछे गए थे इस एग्जाम

    थैंक्स सर |

    सर आप मुझे MAINS एग्जाम के बारे में बताने की कृपा करें
    आपकी महान कृपा होगी।

    सर मैं हिंदी मीडियम का स्टूडेंट हु, और यूपी पुलिस में जॉब
    करता हु

  • You are the first educator, who tells truth of UPSC preparation that, every question somewhere is connected to current affairs, otherwise , i have seen , almost educators say read this, write that and they have created a false story about UPSC preparation and misguide students, but, the fact is whatever I have experienced is that, UPSC is not tough examination , but it is a beautiful examination, where you have to observe by yourself, what you should learn to clear this examination then, whatever you are leaming, should leam carefully. This preparation gives you a chance to know about actual India 

Test Series Features

The test series is made by Civil Servants who have cleared the UPSC exam and at present serving in various services. 

Sources of CURRENT 

1) The Hindu  
2) pib  
3) Indian Express  
4) Rajya Sabha TV 

Sources of STATIC 

1) NCERTs 
2) Laxmikanth 
3) Bipin Chandra  
4) Spectrum 
5) GC Leong  

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  • UPSC (2020+2021) TEST SERIES
  • Spectrum Modern History 


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Why us?

Hi I am Prince Luthra (AIR 577). I will share my journey and all the things I learned during my preparation. 

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Learn From The Civil Servants who have cleared the UPSC exam and at present serving in various services.